Solutions Press | Non-contact J1939 Linear Transducer

LP30 now available for boom and outrigger positioning

March, 2011

New Berlin, WI — Joral announces the release of the LP30, a non-contact linear transducer for linear tracked or extending boom applications. The LP30 measures extension without need for the stainless steel wire common to wire-reel or string-pot measuring. Entirely sealed and rated IP69K the true non-contact sensor mitigates the common faults which plague wire-reel measuring.

  • No stainless steel wire to break and retract into device housing
  • Elimination of ice on reel and caking of ice on wire or water ingression and freezing
  • J1939 interfaced for SAFTEY SMART communication

The LP30 employs a magnetic strip which is mounted on an extending device, for example extending segment on a crane or outrigger. Output signals are generated as the installed magnetic strip passes in front of the LP30. The non-contact sensor tolerates up to four tenths of an inch (10mm) clearance from the moving boom with installed Joral magnetic tracks.

Standard resolution for the magnetic strip is one pulse every half inch, or optional one pulse every quarter inch. Joral offers the LP30 ready with J1939 CANbus communication for intelligent sensing that provides required feedback for enhanced safety and precise control. Please contact 262-522-3266 for inquiries

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