Joral, LLC began servicing the timber industry in the 1990s with the development of the T3 Harvesting Computer, a logic controller which provided a


Joral continues to service the timber industry with replacement computers, ruggedized logging duty position sensors, and wireless camera systems. Please browse below to find general information about Joral's timber products.


CLC 2000 Series Replacement Computer

Cut to length logic controller for timber harvesters

The Joral CLC 2000 replacement controller is a replacement computer for early model Fabtek/Cat cut to length timber processors.


Logging Duty Position Sensors

The J1 Line shafted encoders for timber harvesters

The Joral Logging Duty Encoder is designed with the harshest environments in mind and is covered by a full one year warranty that guarentees total protection from mechanical failure caused by factory defect.


Non-contact Measuring Kits

Replacement non-contact for cut-to-length systems

Joral non-contact measuring kits allow the user to easily swap out the factory installed shafted rotary encoder with a Joral non-contact rotary encoder.

The Joral non-contact rotary encoder kit is designed with no shaft and bearing package, eliminating the possibility of mechanical wear and failure caused by bearing slop.