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Competing non-contact rotary encoders demand extreme tolerances of <2mm (0.075"), the Joral non-contact rotary encoder allows up to 12mm (0.5") installation tolerance between sensor and element. The technology patented by Joral enables the full potential of non-contact rotational position sensing.


Below is an overview which outlines the unique features of the patented Joral non-contact encoder. Visit Non-contact Overview to find Joral non-contact documentation and product specifications.

  • At-a-glance specifications

    Installation tolerances, connection options, and available outputs

  • GAP: 0.5" (12mm) between application magnet and encoder
  • AXIAL: 0.10" (2.5mm) center alignment
  • PLANAR: 30° tilt

  • Connection options include but not limited to: M12, M12 Pigtail, M8, Terminal Block, Flying Lead Cable, and various Deutsch connectors.
  • General operation overview

    Magnetic coupling improves hall effect position sensing

  • Below are descriptions for items identified in the non-contact over-view graphic found to the left.
  • A measuring micro (item 1) with a hall effect array detects a rotating magnet (item 2) that is encapsulated to exact tolerances required within the non-contact position sensor.
  • Excited by an external magnet (item 3) the internal magnet (item 2) provides the required magnetic field strength for the measuring micro (item 1).
  • The external magnet (item 3) is referred to as the "application magnet" and is mounted on the application mechanics. The applicatoin magnet (item 3) and the sensor's internal magnet (item 2) magnetically couple and track as if they were physically connected.

  • The magnetic coupling between the application external and sensor's internal magnet allows extreme installation tollerances greater than any competing sensor.
  • Removing the shaft and bearing package entirely has allowed IP69 protection ratings as well as extreme shock/vibration survivability (MIL STD 202).

To learn more about Joral non-contact rotaty encoder products please visit the Non-contact overview found in Products & Solutions.


Available incremental outputs include: quadrature single ended, quadrature differential, step & direction, and J1939 CAN BUS.


Available absolute position outputs include: SSI (synchronous serial interface), analog/current, PWM, J1939 Can BUS, and Modicon MODBUS


The Joral non-contact product lines include the ProxEncoder™ non-contact rotary position sensor (PE30) and the HockeyPuck™ non-contact rotary position sensor (HP38, HP58). Joral non-contact rotary encoders are designed into non-contact installations that provide support for internal hydraulic mechanic detection and explosion proof applications.